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The top 10 Frequently asked questions and answers about our Aftermarket Immobilizer and tracker fitting training course

What dates are available for the course?

Please follow this link and scroll down to BOOK NOW then select your chosen month to see what dates we have available –

Is the course designed for a complete beginner with no previous experience?

Yes, our 2 day course is designed to teach you all you need to become a professional installer we do this with our 5 star tuition and practical learning also – You’ll undertake in the course practical soldering on wire looms, using a multi-meter, get to see a full install from scratch to completion first hand plus much more

Does the course show me how to install devices like Ghost from Autowatch or similar CANBUS or tracker devices?

Yes we defiantly cover all of this plus many more devices to. This will ensure you’ll have an comprehensive knowledge of the devices available on the market so that you can give your customer the best possible options of security

How much are the equipment start up costs of starting a business in fitting aftermarket immobilizers and tracker installation?

Even though this is a very high profit margin business it can be started for less than £500 meaning within 2 or 3 installs you can make your money back for the course and your install equipment also

What kind of profit margins are available fitting CANBUS Immobilizers?

Well this is the exciting bit – CANBUS Immobilizers can be supplied and fitted anywhere from £400 – £550 and with them costing anywhere from £100-£200 that leaves profits available in the range of £300-£350 and most can be professionally installed within 2 hours. Plus as a bonus many customers may also want a tracker fitted too so more profits!

What kind of profit margins are available fitting tracker?

Tracers can be supplied and fitted anywhere from £150 – £450 and with them costing anywhere from £50-£250 that leaves profits available in the range of £100-£200 and most trackers can be professionally installed within 1 hour. Plus as a bonus you can sometimes make a profit on the monthly subscription too

Will I receive certification and after-care support after attending the course?

Yes we provide full aftercare support and a certification of completion of the course – We’ll even add you to our private

Where will I purchase devices from to install on customers cars?

Within the course we’ll talk over the available devices on the market, where to buy them from and the benefits and disadvantages of each. We can put you in direct contact with the device suppliers and we even sell some devices for you to take away after your training course

Is it all classroom learning or is there practical leaning included too?

We have been teaching for over 10 years and we know that without practical leaning examples the information can’t sink in. This is why we ensure where we can that we’ll teach via both classroom and practical learning. The saying goes; Tell me and I forget – Teach me and I remember – Involve me and I learn. Our business constantly receives 5 star reviews from our students so we’re sure you’ll be more than happy with the course and our aftercare support

How much is the course also when and how is it paid?

So we simply take a £50 non transferable or refundable deposit to secure spot on the course via the follow webpage:
The course balance of £550 can be paid before or even on the 1st day of training when you arrive via bank transfer or cash. We also offer a finance option where you can spread the costs over 4 months at a cost of £150 per month

Where area is the course held (Address)?

We have our own purpose built training room and two workshops for practical learning space so we can work on real cars within the training course to ensure the best learning environment. We have an onsite cafe and free parking with low cost hotels nearby ( / We also have a train station nearby too.
Our address is: The OBD Company, Unit 64A-65, Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Hasland, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 0QQ, England, United Kingdom

Google Rating
Based on 72 reviews
Facebook Rating
Based on 47 reviews

What is covered on the training course over the 2 days?

Day 1 starts at 09:15 and ends for 16:30

  • Booking in and payments of any remaining course fees
  • Introductions from the tutor
  • Learning about the flaws in the factory immobilizer systems
  • Learning about the past/current aftermarket options
  • Break for lunch
  • Learning how cars are being stolen and devices used
  • Learn how the CANBUS system works
  • Learn how the CANBUS immobilizers and trackers work
  • Leaning about wiring and muliti-meter use
  • Leaning about soldering wires and non soldering options
  • Looking over devices and installation guides on random cars/ vans and bikes

Day 2 starts at 09:30 and ends for 16:30

  • Complete our leaning on immobiliser options and tracker options
  • How to promote and grow the business
  • List of FAQ from customers and how to answer them
  • What to do if something isn’t working
  • Examples of what not to do
  • Lunch break
  • Practical soldering on the wiring loom
  • Practical fitting of an CANBUS immobilizer system to a real life job from scratch
  • Practical fitting of an tracker system to a real life job from scratch

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